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Sylvi Soe
Corporate Video Producer
Documentary Filmaker

I was feeling tired most time but thought it was normal. I also thought that I was on the healthy spectrum and never really believed in any type of diet.

Anyhow, when Megan’s health coaching service was offered to me as part of personal development program I was in, I said OKAY without any real expectations AND within 3 weeks it changed my life.

Megan asked me to work on a low carb diet and within a few weeks my head was no longer foggy and my brain was so clear. Losing weight was a bonus. I didn’t know how unhealthy I was before until I know what being healthy feels like, so I have decided this change is now a lifestyle.

Megan is very easy to talk to and she makes the journey enjoyable and sustainable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health from the inside out

Libby Hutchinson-Smith 

Wonderful Megan from Restore Health Coaching has been supporting myself and my family for a number of years, guiding us towards a sustainable keto lifestyle.
Thank you for sharing your vast keto knowledge, Megan - the support and coaching has improved the health and happiness of my family. I cannot recommend Megan strongly enough. What an amazing impact Restore Health Coaching has had!

Yvette De Coque 

Years of sleeping tablet use had slowed down my metabolism. No matter what i did I couldn't shed the 5 kgs I had gained and I was frustrated with trying. I also had no energy.
A friend introduced me to Megan and I have been working with her for a month. She has me back on a keto diet and is helping me identify the blocks to my success. It's working this time. Feeling better and 3 kgs lighter. Hope to sustain this way of eating for a healthier life. Recommend.

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